We totally believe in feedback as a tool for improving engagement and business performance. Without feedback, we tend to invent our own version of reality. Feedback from others, offered in a constructive, accurate and managed way, will help your staff understand how they interact with others and the impact they have on those around them. The perceptions of others around us can have both a positive or negative impact on our performance and career. This is where a peer review or 360 degree survey can help.

Many HR Professionals are becoming disillusioned with the annual appraisal process and are looking for alternative approaches.

  • 12 month goals do not work
  • Individual rating destroys the concept that teams deliver results
  • People crave continual learning and growth
  • A lack of communication and feedback stops engagement

Whether for individuals or lots of staff, we design and implement peer review and 360 degree surveys as an alternative or supplement to the appraisal. We will help you design the most appropriate performance feedback surveys for your culture. And, if you want to keep the process external to your organisation to assist with confidentiality and anonymity, we will manage the implementation as well.