Our approach

We integrate well researched evidence from the coaching sector in our practice and in particular follow a Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioural approach. Some of the researched approaches we find particularly valuable to inform our work include Kolb’s learning cycle, double loop learning, cognitive behavioural Socratic questioning, self-compassion techniques, Klein’s time to think, as well as diagnostic psychometric tools and 360 degree feedback questionnaires.

But above all, we are mindful of the research suggesting that the main predictor of success in coaching is the quality of relationship between us as coach and your individual.

How it works

  1. Contracting: We agree with you, a commissioning manager, and the individual, the needs, duration and expected outcomes of the coaching, and how you will measure success
  2. Exploration and experimentation: Over a number of sessions, we explore the real issues, identifying patterns, assumptions, options and experiments which will help the individual achieve a way forward.
  3. Change: We explore what could prevent the individual committing to changed behaviour and approach. Some form of change being after all, why the individual is being coached.
  4. Review: We help the individual review throughout each session to draw out commitments to learning and progress. Longer term progress against needs and outcomes is also reviewed.