We offer a range of HR retainers to suit your needs and budget.

For some, it is helpful to know that you have a dedicated HR Professional who knows your business and what you are trying to achieve, and knows your people; someone you can rely on to provide pragmatic HR advice and support when you need it.

We offer a professional HR retainer service that can be tailored to your business need. For an agreed monthly sum, we can provide telephone support and help with projects or particular cases, through to being a regular presence in your premises to be your HR professional on the ground. We work with you to develop a service that meets your needs.

We also offer our unique ‘Timebank’ service where you can pre-purchase a number of hours of support from us up front, and call on us when you need some help of guidance.

For small businesses, having a trusted HR Adviser on call provides the peace of mind and support you need to run your business effectively.