Most companies get to a certain size and realise they need to be more structured in their approach to employing people. From record keeping, inductions, performance management, feedback and appraisals, through to a structured approach to pay and reward, we will help you retain control of how you employ and engage your people.

As your business has grown and developed has your HR infrastructure grown with it? We can help you develop a standard approach to dealing with your employees that fits your business needs, is easy to understand and is fair, consistent and legally compliant:

  • Role profiles – so that everyone understands what is expected of them
  • Recruitment process – that helps you attract and recruitment the right people
  • Induction process – so that you fulfil your legal responsibilities and people feel embraced into your way of doing things
  • Performance management and appraisal – so that people receive feedback and know how they can develop further
  • Reward – so that people feel rewarded fairly and receive benefits which motivate them
  • Training – so that everyone continues to develop and you have a fully skilled workforce
  • Employee engagement – so that you know how people are feeling about working for you
  • Leavers process – putting the right systems in place to manage resignations, recover company property and carry out exit surveys if needed.