Recruitment, especially in Cumbria, is harder than you think.  It is time-consuming and expensive if you get it wrong. We will audit, advise or be hands-on delivering any aspect of your recruitment.

Your recruitment decisions have the biggest impact on your business success compared to any other decision you take. Having the right individuals in place who are delivering what you need for your business, allows you to focus on the future.

We have all experienced the pain of bad hiring decisions – the energy, time and cost it consumes from you and your business. We want to help you avoid this as much as possible so that you can be confident you have the right people in your business for your continued success.

We provide a range of services to help you make the best recruitment decisions possible:

  • Recruitment audit – an independent review of your current procedures and how they measure up to recognised best practice approaches
  • Employer brand – advice about developing your employer brand to reflect your company values and attract like-minded candidates. How are you representing your brand in your web presence, using social media recruiting advertising, as well as your adverts and role profiles?
  • Candidate attraction strategy – develop a strategy that widens your candidate pool
  • Adverts – writing adverts which attract the right quality candidates
  • Candidate Screening – we strongly believe in using objective, cost and time efficient assessment methods to screen for the best candidates.
  • Candidate assessment – we help with best practice for assessing and interviewing candidates using situational assessment centre activities, strengths and values based interviewing techniques
  • Psychometric tools – supplying the right psychometric assessment reports which provides you with extra data and reduces the risks of picking the wrong person
  • Recruitment partnering – work with you as your trusted partner to manage end to end recruitment projects for you.