Making people redundant is never easy. We can manage a redundancy programme to ensure you get it right both legally and morally. For the sake of your company reputation, we want to help you do the right thing.

If your business is changing or restructuring, going through a redundancy process can seem daunting. You will need to make sure that you balance your business needs against the legal requirements for selection and consultation, whilst ensuring you treat your employees fairly and respectfully.

We help you navigate through the process with practical advice, and support you to get your business ready for the next phase:

  • Workforce planning – agree the right strategy for your organisation and prepare for the process (timescales, budgets, redundancy calculations etc)
  • Communications – agree a communication plans for staff and managers, prepare for questions that will arise and make sure you have the right documents and letters prepared for the process
  • Selection criteria – including advice on pooling if required
  • Redundancy consultation – host the conversations with affected employees
  • Outplacement support – for those at risk of redundancy
  • Engagement plans – retain and support those staff that remain